1300 Startup Tools

Here is the complete list of the 1300 tools your startup needs to succeed. - Source: Spark-Labs.co

1. General Resources

2. Project Management

2.1 Strategies and methods

2.2 Project Management tools

3. Marketing Resources

3.1 General Marketing Tools and resources for Startups

3.2 Content Marketing Resources

3.3 Email Marketing

3.4 Social Media Marketing

3.5 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

4. Product

5. Website

6. Mobile

7. Analytics

8. Technical Resources

8.1 Web resources

8.2 Industries

9. Finance

10. Legal

1. General Resources

Entrepreneurship Book Lists

Entrepreneurship Videos

Angel/SuperAngel Investors




Incubator List

Corporate Innovation Programs

Must Read Blogs

2. Project Management

2.1 Strategies & Methods

Business Model Canvas

The Canvas is not the only way of approaching the business plan, but it is the simplest and the most used.


What is Growth Hacking? According to Wikipedia, "Growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure."

Startups Data

  • Mattermark – quantifying company growth for startup investors
  • Compass - Turn data into actionable insights

2.2 Project Management Tools

Find a Co-Founder

Most entrepreneurs prefer to dive in with a co founder, it's a great adventure to share, and it splits costs and risks. The thing is, 50/50 is not always the best choice.

Mark Suster at Startup Grind Los Angeles in June 2013. Read the full 69-minute interview transcript here: http://startupgrind.com/event/startup-grind-los-angeles-hosts-mark-suster-grp-partners/ Or read all about the Co Founder mythology on Mark Suster's Blog here: http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/2011/05/09/the-co-founder-mythology/ For more information visit http://StartupGrind.com or follow us on twitter @StartupGrind.

Recruiting Tools

Outsourcing & Freelance Websites

Collaboration Tools & Apps

  • Dropbox – free store, sync, and, share files online.
  • Tresorit – secure dropbox alternative
  • Box – online file sharing
  • Hipchat – private group chat & IM for business and teams
  • Yammer - private social network for companies
  • Google Apps - Docs
  • LibreOffice – free wordprocessor, spreadsheet, drawing, presentation, pdf maker and database office suite
  • Skype - free voice and video communication tool
  • Mural.ly - Visual collaboration for creative people
  • Fuzebox – web/mobile online conferencing
  • UberConference - online conference with visual icons
  • Google Hangouts – Googles app like Skype
  • Evernote - remember everything
  • Campfire – team collaboration
  • RealTimeBoard - online whiteboard & collaboration tool
  • Wikispaces – wikis for everyone
  • Slideshare – share Powerpoints and docs with customers
  • Join.me – free screen sharing
  • Ning – Create your own social network
  • Doodle – online group scheduling
  • Freeconferencecall.com - conference calls – awesome!
  • Speek – easy to setup conference calls, file sharing
  • Syncpad – real time mobile collaborative whiteboard
  • Piktochart – make infographics

3. Marketing Resources

3.1 General Marketing Resources and Tools for Startups

A great marketing strategy begins with understanding what customers you want to attract and how to reach them. 

Customer Development

"How Big is the Market?" Tools

"How To Contact Customers?" Tools

Market Research Tools

Market Research Firms


Open Company Data/Stats/API

Public Relations (PR) For Tech Companies

On-Line Advertising Platforms

3.2 Content Marketing Resources

In order to acquire customer without spending money, content marketing is the best way of attracting visitors to your website.

Content Marketing Blogs

Content Marketing Tools

Website Best Practice

3.3 Email Marketing

Email marketing is the media to use in inbound marketing. Building an email list is the first step to optimize your content and maximize your sales. 

Email Marketing Information and Insights

Email Marketing Blogs

Email Testing

  • Litmus - email previews and email analytics
  • MailTester – awesome tool to validate email addresses

Email Marketing/Blasting

Transactional Email

3.4 Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing tools

Social monitoring


  • Bunchball – gamification for user engagement and loyalty
  • Hoopla – motivate employees, increase sales productivity
  • Badgeville – gamification platform
  • Gigya – social plugins, gamification

Loyalty Programs

  • Kobie - Marketing Agency 
  • RewardStream - loyalty, customer referral
  • 500Friends - customer loyalty program for ecommerce
  • NextBee - customer referral and loyalty programs
  • BigDoor - gamified loyalty and reward programs
  • UrbanAirship - push marketing for mobile

On-line Q&A Communities

Customer Support/Feedback

  • Tender - support, knowledgebase tool for your site
  • GetSatisfaction - conversations between companies / customers
  • Triibe – incentive-based customer service
  • Zendesk – web help software
  • Clickdesk – Help desk, live chat, social toolbar
  • Zopim – real time customer support/live chat
  • HelpScout – simple setup, easy integration, help desk software
  • Desk – from Salesforce, easy and simple; email/social/chat/phone
  • SnapEngage - live chat integrates with your apps
  • Freshdesk – completely unique never seen before web help software
  • Olark - live customer chat and customer loyalty
  • LiveChat – live customer chat, archives of conversations
  • Assistly - Support customers by Web, email, chat, and social networks
  • Vision Helpdesk - Support for multiple companies from one place
  • OneDesk – ideation to delivery and support issues, tickets, tasks
  • HappyFox – collate, categorize and respond to all requests
  • CustomerSure –  online customer service, feedback into retention
  • HelpSpot – Helpdesk software
  • Webengage – website survey, feedback and notification tool
  • SupportBee – help customers via email, robust ticketing


Testimonials/Social Reviews

  • Testimonial Monkey -  integrate customer feedback into your site
  • PostKudos - collect customer testimonials
  • Yotpo - social reviews for eCommerce
  • Kayako - Help desk
  • UserVoice - turn customer feedback into action
  • Kampyle – turn customer feedback into sales and relationships