I wrote a ReactJS App Called BIDI

Years ago I created a simple web application called Before I Die I... which was a public facing bucket list of things to do before you die.

Given that it was public facing and not much personalization, I took the site down to focus on other things.

Before I Die I - 2008

Years later, actually, 8 years later, I launched the site again. This time writing it with personalization in mind.

Before I Die I - 2016

The site is extremely simple. Since the "bucket lists" are private, every user must have a registered account to use it. In this case, I've decided that Twitter is the simplest method of authenticating a user with the least amount of data stored. In this case, all I am capturing is a session ID. No other personal information is being captured or stored.

Tech Stack

I decided to build the app in ReactJS. It needed to make use of "State" so I used Redux. For the database, storage, authentication and hosting I am using Firebase. This provides the app with with several options for it's future growth. Additionally, the app is running in real-time. In the future I will create a React-Native Mobile app to allow users to create and manage their lists on the go.

Check it out

Please go check out the project at https://beforeidiei.com and create your bucket lists today!

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