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Years ago I created a simple web application called Before I Die I... which was a public facing bucket list of things to do before you die.

Given that it was public facing and not much personalization, I took the site down to focus on other things.

Before I Die I - 2008

Years later, actually, 8 years later, I launched the site again. This time writing it with personalization in mind.

Before I Die I - 2016

The site is extremely simple. Since the "bucket lists" are private, every user must have a registered account to use it. In this case, I've decided that Twitter is the simplest method of authenticating a user with the least amount of data stored. In this case, all I am capturing is a session ID. No other personal information is being captured or stored.

Tech Stack

I decided to build the app in ReactJS. It needed to make use of "State" so I used Redux. For the database, storage, authentication and hosting I am using Firebase. This provides the app with with several options for it's future growth. Additionally, the app is running in real-time. In the future I will create a React-Native Mobile app to allow users to create and manage their lists on the go.

Check it out

Please go check out the project at and create your bucket lists today!

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