Building Momentum

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Finding a rhythm is often one of the most challenging things. Finding and achieving fluidity or flow can lead to such bliss.

What do you do when you reach a point in your work that causes you to feel discouraged or frustrated?

For me, I simply do something else. For instance, I wash dishes, clean, go for a walk/run/bike, grab a coffee, take a phone call, or build some lego creations with my son.

Somehow, in the context switch, the magic often returns, the frustration is removed, and I find myself inspired, clear, and motivated again. Often times, the problem I was so focused on magically resolves itself in my thought process.

Never continue working on a problem when you become frustrated.

Since December 2016, I've been hyper focused. Removing all external noise. Checking my email once or twice a day, instead of every few minutes. I've turned off most notifications. I've only used Facebook for authenticating on other apps. I've use bots and cyborgs to manage my twitter account(s). I've stopped recording music. Eliminating external noise has been absolutely incredible. It's made a significant impact on helping me build momentum.

So far this year on GitHub I've made 3,354 contributions. (Unfortunately, I didn't make the cut on this list. As you can see, I haven't been able to commit code daily, but I'm starting to find a momentum that works for me and my projects are coming to life.

In 2016, I didn't work on Native IOS Apps. In 2017 I've started 10 mobile apps, one desktop App, and a dozen web sites.

I think what has been working for me is confidence, time, discipline, patience, focus, and energy.

Confidence in programming, my language of choice, code structure, my editor, and being able to repurpose components in other projects.

Time in knowing I only have one hour to finish a feature and knowing how to block out the distractions that would normally eat up most of the hour.

Discipline in life. I've been able to avoid and be free of social media. This "avoidance" took me several years to achieve. I do not have a FOMO towards anything or feel the need to be so hyper connected. I wasn't always like this. How about you? At the end of your day, do you feel accomplished or did you focus on the noise?

Patience in understanding that "slow and steady wins the race". Setting arbitrary deadlines on things only causes anxiety among everyone involved. I strongly believe deadlines are essential, however there must be room left over for when things don't always go as planned.

Focus. I tend to move quickly when an idea comes to mind. I try to remove all barriers as soon as possible to keep myself from losing focus.

Energy. At the end of all of our hard work, we have to accept that we're only human. Very human. We need sleep, fuel, time off, etc. I consume my energy wisely. I understand how certain things can impact my mind and drag my energy levels down.

Business takes an incredible amount of time, discipline, patience, focus, and energy. Most of all, it takes momentum. You have to find your rhythm and keep it steady...

How do you build momentum?

Eric David Smith

Father / Software Engineer / Musician / Recording Engineer / Navy Veteran / Runner / Javascript / Crypto / Human ETH: 0xa9FFaD2A2cA147F784f4C82Ee6475afb6765A974

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